Gods & Monsters: I’m not crying, you’re crying…

Guys, I can’t believe the S&D series, one of the first books I decided to review on here, has come to a close! I’m so happy with its ending, yet I still feel bittersweet that it is finished. Since following Shelby on Instagram, I feel like I have come to know her and what theseContinue reading “Gods & Monsters: I’m not crying, you’re crying…”

The Prison Healer: The Audacity of this Book

Ummmmmmm, who gave this book the right to end the way it did? I am quite shooketh. I had been eyeing The Prison Healer for some time, and when I saw it on the shelf, I knew I had to read it. However, I really didn’t know what to expect from this YA novel… especiallyContinue reading “The Prison Healer: The Audacity of this Book”

The Bridge Kingdom: Why Haven’t You Read This Yet?

Howdy folks, ’tis I… back again from my mini unintended blogging break. The entire month of June has been wildly busy, so I sadly haven’t had much time to read, but c’est la vie! That is life, and now I’m back and vibing. Honestly, I started The Bridge Kingdom several weeks ago, and I wasContinue reading “The Bridge Kingdom: Why Haven’t You Read This Yet?”

Ninth House: the Perfect Thriller

Happy Halloween! I figured I’d talk about a thriller in honor of one of my favorite holidays. Let me tell you guys, this book was ADDICTIVE. Definitely gave me all the spooky vibes going into Halloween, and it wasn’t just the occult fascination that kept me going (p.s. how wicked is the cover). I lovedContinue reading “Ninth House: the Perfect Thriller”

The Gilded Wolves Review

Not going to lie, this book took me a second to truly get into. Could be because I read it following Crescent City, which I still have not recovered from. Once I finally did get into it, I enjoyed the unique story it brought to life and the political undertone that it had.  The storyContinue reading “The Gilded Wolves Review”

Furyborn Review

Furyborn is an incredibly gripping novel, and it turned out to be better than I expected. To be honest, I wasn’t sure what to expect from it, but right from the start it grabbed my attention. The story starts off from Simon’s perspective, and so much went down in the first chapter that instantly hadContinue reading “Furyborn Review”

Crescent City: House of Earth and Blood

Once again, a story has left me almost speechless. I have to say, when I finished this book, I truly had no words and I had to wait a couple days to finally collect my thoughts on this masterpiece. Sarah J. Maas is hands down one of my favorite authors EVER, and her books mightContinue reading “Crescent City: House of Earth and Blood”

Children of Blood and Bone

Wow. This book has me feeling a lot of things.  Children of Blood and Bone takes place in such an incredible, inventive world, and I thought it was really well crafted. Tomi Adeyemi really did a fantastic job explaining and describing the magic within this realm. Each scene was so beautiful and rich in myContinue reading “Children of Blood and Bone”

Blood & Honey (a.k.a A Stab in the Heart)

I’m wrecked. Absolutely, thoroughly wrecked. Blood & Honey took a part of my soul with it, and I can’t believe I have to wait until NEXT YEAR to read the third book in this series. Shelby Mahurin, how could you??  Let me start this off by saying this book was definitely a “second book” ifContinue reading “Blood & Honey (a.k.a A Stab in the Heart)”

The Shadows Between Us

I’m not normally one of those “first chapter and I’m hooked” types of people, but I guess I can now relate after reading The Shadows Between Us. Right from the start I was intrigued… wait, she’s killed someone? She enjoys using men for gifts and pleasure? She wants to kill a king? Tell me more…Continue reading “The Shadows Between Us”