King of Scars Review

Nikolai. Nikolai. Nikolai. I’m finally back in Ravka, after my brief hiatus from the Grishaverse. If you’re new here, the Grishaverse and I have small bits of beef (*cough* this is your cue to pause this, read my reviews of the Shadow & Bone series and the Six of Crows duology, and come back toContinue reading “King of Scars Review”

My Novel Faves of 2020

What a damn year. Amidst all the chaos, it really wasn’t that bad. Personally, I think 2020 brought me perspective, and it has truly made me take a step back and realize what actually matters. Cliche, I know, but I have felt my internal focus shift in a way I haven’t felt before, and forContinue reading “My Novel Faves of 2020”

Ruin and Rising: A Ruin of My Expectations

Well. I’m feeling… irked. Honestly, this series didn’t live up to the expectations I had after finishing the first book. If you want to see the visual definition of a “bummer”, go read my very first review of Shadow and Bone… and watch my hope for this series get crushed. I’m still glad that IContinue reading “Ruin and Rising: A Ruin of My Expectations”

Siege and Storm: Lukewarm At Best

Hmmmmmmm… head full, many thoughts. I once again read through Siege and Storm with the same manic ferocity as I did with Shadow and Bone, and I can assure you I’ve already begun Ruin and Rising… though I can’t quite put my finger on what is exactly pulling me into this series. I felt likeContinue reading “Siege and Storm: Lukewarm At Best”

Shadow and Bone Review: Getting into the Grishaverse

Wow, was this a fast read. Maybe I’ve become a little too acclimated to large books, but I felt like I flew through this one. The intriguing characters and the breakneck plot definitely helped keep me on my toes. I have to say, the Six of Crows duology was my first dip into the Grishaverse…Continue reading “Shadow and Bone Review: Getting into the Grishaverse”

Ninth House: the Perfect Thriller

Happy Halloween! I figured I’d talk about a thriller in honor of one of my favorite holidays. Let me tell you guys, this book was ADDICTIVE. Definitely gave me all the spooky vibes going into Halloween, and it wasn’t just the occult fascination that kept me going (p.s. how wicked is the cover). I lovedContinue reading “Ninth House: the Perfect Thriller”

Crooked Kingdom Book Review

Our favorite band of miscreants is back in action, and whoa was this an epic sequel. The book starts off with a bang and it really doesn’t slow down, even to the very end. Every little detail that goes into their plan brought me immense joy… I cannot stress enough how clever Kaz is withContinue reading “Crooked Kingdom Book Review”

Six of Crows Review

There’s almost no words (almost). This book was fan-freaking-tastic. Big edgy vibes hit us right from the start, and the characters were SO compelling. The story is set in such a gripping world… this is my first dip into Leigh Bardugo’s writing and I was very impressed. Though I have heard talk of her otherContinue reading “Six of Crows Review”