The Lamplighters – A Job for Mystery, Inc.

I was lucky enough to receive an ARC of The Lamplighters to dive into (pun intended), and it was honestly a refreshing change up from my usual fantasy books. To start this off, I know absolutely nothing about Lighthouses. Yo girl lives in landlocked Colorado, so I find this as no surprise. In fact, myContinue reading “The Lamplighters – A Job for Mystery, Inc.”

Mexican Gothic: BIG Freaky Vibes

Whoa. Whoa. This book was a TRIP. Why I was compelled to read a gothic novel right before Christmas is beyond me, but hey, I have no regrets. Give me spooky vibes year round.  Mexican Gothic was a thrill to read… talk about an incredibly moody, macabre story. I actually had to journal my thoughtsContinue reading “Mexican Gothic: BIG Freaky Vibes”